Ayurveda for your health & wellbeing

Principles of health and wellbeing

In Ayurveda, the basic focus is on prevention of disease which makes it a science of health and wellbeing. If a person is able to take care of his health by himself on daily basis, chance of disease lower down to bare minimum. This is where Ayurveda works at its best. The basic principles of Ayurveda medicine works on aspects where a person can maintain his health by himself, this is achieved by detoxifications (Panchakarma), proper diet (Aahar vichar), healthy lifestyle (Dinarchya and Ritucharya) and regular exercise (Vyayama).

In the ancient times, life was very simple as compared to the life we live now. Along with the development and modernisation in this era, we have also accommodated a few ill effects like unhealthy lifestyle, undernourished or improper diet, stress, sedentary life style and lack of sleep. If we correct these few but major factors with the help of guidelines provided by Ayurveda; most of the chronic disorders can be reversed without any medication and the rest can be treated along with herbal medications without abusing our body by unnecessary and avoidable use of antibiotics.

Importance of Diet and Lifestyle       

A healthy lifestyle along with regular exercise and diet helps us to keep our metabolism tuned up, which in return helps in proper digestion of food, nutrition at the cellular level, excretion and detoxification. Research also states that people who exercise regularly are less prone to chronic metabolic and autoimmune disorders. As every individual body reacts differently to any medicines given so does this applies while exercising. This is where the personal limits, environmental conditions, current physical health status, etc. play a vital role. At any condition starting an exercise routine needs a proper consideration of these influencing factors.

While considering these factors and coming up with a healthy lifestyle and diet Ayurveda has suggested some guideline. These are segregated under the topics of Ritucharya, Dinacharya and Achara rasayan by all the Acharya of Ayurveda. Know more about Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle.

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