‘Medicine’ derived from the Latin words ‘ars medicina’ meaning “the art of healing”.  It is ultimate gift of nature to living beings helpful for cure, halt, or prevents disease; ease symptoms; or help in the diagnosis of certain illnesses. So that medicines are the backbone of the healthcare system achieving great faith of Physicians for their efficacy. It is our prime responsibility to assist healthcare practitioners by providing assured quality medicines in their noble profession.

  • Highest operating standards

A standard is a numerical value which quantifies the parameter and thus denotes quality and purity of a material. The Criteria or the parameters which is considered for making the standard is intimately related to the factor which is responsible for the expected quality and purity of the material.

In case of a synthetic drug the quality and purity depends on the most of biologically active chemical ingredient present in it which is capable of producing the therapeutic effect in the expected level.   But this procedure is not always true with natural drugs. The natural drugs are derived from plant, animal and mineral sources. So these are more complex than synthetic drugs in their chemical structure and composition.

In Ayurveda, the therapeutic effect produced by a crude drug is not always attributed to a single chemical active ingredient. The therapeutic effect produced by an Ayurvedic dosage from is multidimensional i.e. the therapeutic efficacy and potency are outcome of appropriate

  1. Raw drug collection,
  2. Raw drug selection,
  3. properties of ingredients,
  4. Processes (Sanskar) carried out
  5. Packaging
  • Follow traditional concepts with modern methods

The imperishable fundamentals of Ayurveda, which were laid down by the great sages of the olden days are still applicable because of their scientific eternal background. Such fundamentals concepts are responsible for achieving great efficacy and potency of the medicines without causing any harm. These concepts guide us to nullify or reduce adverse drug reaction while obtaining target oriented actions. In Ayush Ayurveda we strictly follow the Ayurveda concepts at every step of manufacturing.

The Modern methods and equipments are used to follow stringent ayurveda concepts. With their help we manufacture persistent quality medicines of appreciable dosage forms.

  • Health for all

Ayush Ayurveda is keen to serve the community in living healthy life through presenting quality Medications for prevention and cure of the diseases by making affordable and accessible.

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